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Meetings & Agendas

From September 2021 Collingtree Parish Council will hold their monthly meetings (on the 3rd Wednesday of the month) at the new Sports Pavilion, Collingtree Playing Field, Watering Lane at 7.30pm.

Meetings are open to all residents to attend although they can only speak on agenda items if invited to do so by the Chairman.

Agendas for each meeting are published at least 3 clear days before the meeting and are displayed in the noticeboards outside the Village Room and at the end of Turnberry Lane in Collingtree Park and on the Just Collingtree and Collingtree Parish Councils websites and can be downloaded.

Draft minutes are published shortly after each meeting and will be confirmed and signed at the start of the next meeting. Minutes are also displayed in the village notice boards and on the Just Collingtree and Collingtree Parish Council website and are available to download.

Meetings are held monthly every month on the 3rd Wednesday starting at 7.30pm at the Collingtree Sports Pavilion. The current financial year remaining meeting dates from November 2021 to May 2022 are as follows.

2021 -  17th November and 15th December.

2022 - 19th January, 16th February,16th March, 20th April, 27th April - Annual Meeting of the Parish (APM), and18th May Annual Meeting of the Parish Council (Election of Chair). 

The next Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council, is being held on Wednesday 17th November 2021 at 7.30pm, at the Sports Pavilion, the Playing Field, Watering Lane. Collingtree. Please click here for an agenda (it will be uploaded 3 working days before the meeting).

Copies of Agendas and Minutes 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021 are available to download below.

2021 Meeting Agendas and Minutes

17th November Agenda

20th October Agenda        20th Oct 2021 Minutes 

15th Sept Agenda             15th Sept 2021 Minutes

2nd Sept EOM Agenda     2nd Sept EOM Minutes  

18th August Agenda         18th Aug 2021 Minutes  

21st July Agenda              21st July 2021 Minutes

15th July EOM Agenda    15th July 2021 EOM Minutes

29th June EOM Agenda   29th June EOM Minutes

16th June 2021 Agenda   16th June 2021 Minutes

9th June EOM Agenda     9th June EOM Minutes

19th May APCM 2021 Agendas - 19th May 2021 Draft APCM Minutes  19th May GM Minutes 

28th April 2021 - Annual Meeting of the Parish Agenda - AMP Minutes - To follow shortly

21st April EOM Agenda     21st April EOM Minutes

14th April 2021 Agenda     14th April 2021 Minutes

3rd March 2021 Agenda    3rd March 2021 Minutes

24th Feb EOM Agenda      24th Feb EOM Minutes

10th Feb EOM  Agenda     10th Feb EOM Minutes 

20th Jan 2021 Agenda       20th Jan 2021 Minutes

2020 Meeting Agendas and Minutes

9th Dec 2020 Agenda        9th December 2020 Minutes

4th Nov 2020 Agenda        4th November 2020 Minutes

23rd Sept 2020 Agenda     23rd September 2020 Minutes 

12th Aug 2020  Agenda     12th August 2020 Minutes

8th July 2020 EO Agenda  8th July 2020 Minutes - Co-option of Gurge Phull

1st July 2020 Agenda        1st July 2020 Minutes 

20th May APCM Agenda    20th May 2020 Annual Minutes

20th May GM Agenda        20th May 2020 GM Minutes

8th April 2020 Agenda       8th April 2020 Minutes

26th Feb 2020 Agenda      26th February 2020 Minutes 

15th Jan 2020 Agenda      15th January 2020 Minutes 

2019 Meeting Agendas and Minutes

4th Dec 2019 Agenda        4th December 2019 Minutes

23rd Oct 2019 Agenda       23rd October 2019 Minutes

18th Sept 2019 Agenda     18th September 2019 Minutes 

31st July 2019 Agenda       31st July 2019 Minutes 

26th June 2019 Agenda     26th June 2019 Minutes

22nd May 2019 - EOM - Co-option of Stuart Parsons

8th May 2019 AGM and GM Agendas  8th May 2019 AGM Minutes   8th May 2019 GM Meeting Minutes

24th May 2019 - Annual Meeting of the Parish Agenda - 24th May 2019 Annual Meeting of the Parish Draft Minutes 

27th March 2019 Agenda  27th March 2019 Minutes 

13th Feb 2019 Agenda      13th February 2019  Minutes 

16th Jan 2019 Agenda      16th January 2019 Minutes

2018 Meeting Agendas and Minutes

21st Nov 2018 Agenda      21st November 2018 Minutes

10th Oct 2018 Agenda      10th October 2018 Minutes

29th Aug 2018 Agenda      29th August 2018 Minutes

18th July 2018 Agenda      18th July 2018 Minutes

6th June 2018 Agenda       6th June 2018 Minutes 

2nd May 2018 Annual Meeting of the Parish Council Agenda  22nd May 2018 Draft AMPC Minutes  222nd May 2018 GM Minutes 

25th April 2018  Annual Meeting of the Parish Agenda - 25th April 2018 Annual Meeting of the Parish Draft Minutes

14th March 2018 Agenda   14th March 2018 Minutes

24th Jan 2018 Agenda       24th January 2018 Minutes

2017 Meeting Agendas and Minutes

13th Dec 2017 Agenda      13th December 2017 Minutes

8th Nov 2017 Agenda         8th November 2017 Minutes 

27th Sept 2017Agenda       27th September 2017 Minutes

23rd Aug 2017 Agenda       23rd August 2017 Minutes

5th July 2017 Agenda         5th July 2017 Minutes

24th May 2017 Agenda       24th May 2017 APCM Minutes  24th May 2017 GM Minutes

19th April 2017 Agenda      19th April 2017 Minutes

19th April 2017 Annual Meeting of the Parish Agenda  19th April 2017 AMP Minutes 

1st March  2017 Agenda    1st March 2017 Minutes

18th Jan 201 7 Agenda      18th January 2017 Minutes

2016 Meeting Agendas and Minutes

7th Dec 2016 Agenda         7th December 2016 Minutes

26th Oct 2016 Agenda        26th October 2016 Minutes

14th Sept 2016 Agenda      14th Sept 2016 Minutes

3rd Aug 2016 Agenda         3rd Aug 2016 Minutes Roxhills Planning Proposal Map

22nd June 2016 Agenda     22nd June 2016 Minutes

11th May 2016 Annual Meeting Agendas  11th May 2016 Annual Meeting Minutes    11th May 2016 GM Minutes

20th April 2016 Annual Meeting of the Parish Agenda 20th April 2016 AMP Draft Minutes

9th March 2016 Agenda      9th March 2016 Minutes

13th Jan 2016 Agenda        13th Jan 2016 Minutes